Discarded, lost, neglected….until now.

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I’ve decided to go ahead and start sharing the content of this site. My goal is to develop film that I find in discarded cameras and along with discarded memory cards left in cameras to this site. I used to see these cameras in thrift stores and I could see through the “window” on the […]

Another digital memory card left behind!

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Another digital memory card left behind!

Finding an old, point and shoot digital camera, is easy. Finding one with a memory card left inside is not common. But….I found another one!!! Granted, the user took many pictures of the same person! Seems that the joke of photographing a sleeping family member is universal! It looks like this family has a good […]

Film Condition

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Film Condition

I think that I have seen a pattern with some of the film. The two most common film cameras I find are point and shoot with regular 35mm film and Advantix film. It seems the Advantix film is usually in better condition after developing than the regular 35mm. I think that because the cameras that […]

Second roll from the last batch.

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I have started a FB page for this and will soon migrate everything I’ve uploaded so far to┬áthere as well. https://www.facebook.com/discardedmemories/   This roll, at least to me, looks like some HS seniors, or juniors taking some pictures with friends at school, or a field trip….? Still, you see why I feel that these pictures […]

8 months later…..I have something to post!

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September, 2015 was the last post made on this site. Not because I was lazy, but it seems that cameras with exposed film are drying up. I managed to accumulate 5 rolls over the last few months and finally sent them off for processing! I’ll post one roll tonight and maybe another in a few […]

Wow…it has been some time!

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Wow…it has been some time!

Can ya believe it?! I finally sent those rolls off for developing!! Of course, I did wait until I found a 3rd roll. It seems that discarded cameras with film loaded are getting scarce. I did send off 4 rolls, but one of them was a dud, no exposures made on the film. I’ve been […]


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I still have not sent the last two film rolls to get developed! I am trying to finish the kodak instamatic, but it is not easy trying to rush through a roll of film. Today, I found another roll! It was inside a camera that had duct tape keeping the back closed. It looked as […]

June 27th.

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Methinks the discarded film cameras are dying up! I have not found one in a few weeks. One of the things that is a small hurdle are batteries. Some of these cameras don’t use standard AA, or AAA batteries. So, once I can determine the voltage requirements, I use a variable DC power supply I […]

What’s this? Another roll in the same month?

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Another roll of Advantix film! This one is probably one the better ones, not because of the number of images, or the quality. Not even the fact that there are only 3 or 4 recognizable people in these images. Why? Because the first image has a location and a date! So, it is known where […]