May 7th

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Hello! I thought that I might never make another post here! Seems that discarded cameras with film are drying up! Well…..I did find a few! The images are on the way to me now. I could download them, but that is a painful process since I can only grab one at a time. All in all I think there are 41 total images from 4 rolls of film. One roll was a bust, but there was only one way to find that out! I might even post an image of the pile of cameras I’ve bought for this project for the next image posting I make. The older the camera I find, the more excited I become when I see there is a roll of film loaded! The latest camera was in the original box, and the film was already removed for me to send off for developing! So, I still look and I will almost always purchase used cameras if there is film loaded. There are exceptions; if the shutter count is at zero, or 1, 2…then I will pass it up. No sense if buying a roll of unexposed film, right? One of the last ones I sent off was an advantix camera. the film was loaded, but I could not tell how many frames were taken…so I gambled and bought it…I had to find a battery once I got home and I snapped several frames at a light just to finish the roll. The images on that roll……yeah, were all of the light…lol. I might even post one of those for “show and tell”. At any rate, there are a few interesting shots coming at the next blog entry!

Keep watching, you might just see someone you know on this site!

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