May 9th

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I decided to post a few images today. I sent a roll of film away a few weeks ago and there were only 4 images on the roll. Meh, such is life in this endeavor. some rolls are filled, some have 3 or 4 images and some are even blank. The first iamge I am going to post is a pile of all the cameras I have purchased for this project. This is quite the collection, the camera that started it all, is the Kodak tourist camera on the left. I actually loaded some film in that camera and will be finishing it up soon. The other cameras will either be discarded, sold as a lot, or given away. If you see something in the pile that you just absolutely need, let me know and I am sure we can come to a deal for a few dollars plus postage…haha.

Here are the 4 images I recently had developed. Here is another example of why I cannot understand why these are just tossed away. Surely there is someone who would like to have these memories.

The pile ‘o cameras

Here are the most recent images:

Well, that’s it! More to come real soon, the next batch of images is in the mail to mi casa!

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