June 27th.

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Methinks the discarded film cameras are dying up! I have not found one in a few weeks. One of the things that is a small hurdle are batteries. Some of these cameras don’t use standard AA, or AAA batteries. So, once I can determine the voltage requirements, I use a variable DC power supply I have and figure a way to connect the leads so I can see how many exposures have been made and more importantly, rewind the film. This might not be too much of an issue in a few months as I will have a film changing bag and can just rewind it by hand. Later this year I will be able to develop black and white film myself (maybe color).

I do have one roll of 35mm to send off as well as a roll of 110 from a Kodak pocket NSTAMATIC 30! I might even try and finifh that roll myself. There were only 5 or 6 exposures made on each of these cameras. I am still a bit bummed about the Kodak Instamatic 104 film….it was all unexposed….sigh…win some, lose some. At any rate, I’m hoping to save some more lost memories later this week! Seriously, I’m going to shoot the rest of the pocket NSTAMATIC 30 roll!

Here’s a picture of the 35mm camera and film. The Kodak is my at my office at work, I’ll see about updating this with an image of that Monday.

 Enjoy life and save all the memories you can!

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