Wow…it has been some time!

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Can ya believe it?! I finally sent those rolls off for developing!! Of course, I did wait until I found a 3rd roll. It seems that discarded cameras with film loaded are getting scarce. I did send off 4 rolls, but one of them was a dud, no exposures made on the film. I’ve been busy with so many other things this summer. I’ve started a “vlog”, a motovlog, actually. On my youtube channel I’ve had for a little while. I’ve made several other videos on different subjects, fishing, kayaking, exploring, metal detecting.

My Youtube channel:

Ron_C Motovlogs

Part of the vlogging has been learning to use Adobe Premier Pro and Adobe After Effects. But, at least it’s making me learn something!

So, back to this site. Sometimes when I buy these cameras I get looks, or questions. They ask if I think the camera still works, etc. My typical camera is that I bought it because there is film in it and on that film are memories that have been left behind….at least until I upload them to the world! I still have not been contacted by someone who is in the photos, but I am still confident that one day it will happen. I’m thinking f using al the cameras I’ve found for this site in a decorating sense. One day I’ll have a room in the house dedicated to photography and I plan to hang these from the ceiling….we’ll see. I’m sure my wife will have some input to the decorating.

With this blog, I should attempt to promote it more around my local area.

Well, I’m off to work on something else! Here are the photos from the rolls that actually had images. Enjoy and if you see someone, or something you recognize, please contact me, or them.



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