Film Condition

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I think that I have seen a pattern with some of the film. The two most common film cameras I find are point and shoot with regular 35mm film and Advantix film. It seems the Advantix film is usually in better condition after developing than the regular 35mm. I think that because the cameras that use Advantix film (all the ones I’ve found so far) lock the film door until all the exposures have been made, or the film has been rewound by the user (there are indicators on the film canister letting one know if the film is finished, partially finished and even if it’s been developed). The regular 35mm cameras ben be opened at any time and the film exposed to light, but some of these images might be saved if there is enough film wrapped around the exposures….at any rate, they turn out better. The issue I have with Advantix film cameras is the batteries required. Most need something other than AA, or AAA and finding, or even wanting to spend the money for a single use batter is not in my interest. So, I have a variable DC power supply up to 12v and I will find the required voltage and connect the power long enough to rewind the film so I can open the door and remove the canister for developing. PITA, yeah, but c’mon….this is what I do!

Anywho….here is the last of the most recent rolls I have developed. Several of these are “lawn pride” pictures! I do have a few more images left on a memory card from a digital camera that I’ll upload is a week or so. Please share, and recognize someone!!



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